The National 3/11

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The National 3/11

Postby sboyle » Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:54 pm

What a great show at a great venue. My wife and I went both nights. They were amazing, as usual with two completely different sets. We took our 13 and 9 year old sons to the first night, which was their first ever concerts. They loved it!

The second night we took friends who had never seen them or listened to their music, but they loved the band and the energy of their live show and will be back to see them in the future. I would like to focus on the second night. We got in early and went straight to the soundboard area and stood there. About 10 minutes later someone else showed up and stood right next to us. The place was packed and sold out. About 4 songs into the show the man next to me asked me to stop singing and cheering. I was a bit taken aback. I then noticed that he had microphones on a stand about 3 feet away from me. I asked him if he was taping the show and he said that he was and that he had permission to do it. His wife then came over to me and told me to shut the .... up. That I needed to stop running my ....... mouth. They then proceeded to call the people around them that would whistle or cheer after a song idiots. The woman then starting yelling at my wife and telling her to shut up or ....... leave. Just ....... leave. The man then told my friend to stop singing, and my friend didn't know any of the words to the song, so he wasn't singing.

As soon as the concert ended I spoke to the man who was taping, very calmly and asked him to reconsider what he was saying and doing to the people around him in his quest to have the perfect recording. At this point his wife started to verbally assault me and my wife, then pushing my wife and calling her a b..... She then told me that I need to control my b.... and to shut the .... up. So at this point, I just decided to leave.

It was an amazing show. The band were really on fire, and when they slowed it down there were brilliant. I cannot believe how these "tapers" treated us and the people around them. They were just really mean people. I don't know how they get the permission to do it, or if they are affiliated with the band at all, but they really ruined the experience for a bunch of people. I hope to never see them at another show.

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Re: The National 3/11

Postby Michelle » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:28 pm

Sat night was probably one of the best (if not the) avett shows I've seen.. ever.. Show #38 for me and I finally got the Lowering. Now - I dunno what rude jerk you stood next to SBoyle - But the ENTIRE place was singing. I recorded two songs and that makes it even better. That sucks that you have your experience tainted by someone like that. Most venues don't allow recording and people just do it anyway.. but this venue does allow it. Every single crew/band member I've come in contact with is beyond nice - so I wouldn't be surprised if he asked and they said it was ok. Now back to that setlist - THE LOWERING. I dunno if people realized how special that one was. And the cover of Time.. never thought I'd hear that one again.. they were channeling pink Floyd.. I love when they rock out. Hope your next show is better.

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