Manchester ENGLAND 16/3/13

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Manchester ENGLAND 16/3/13

Postby geordie » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:38 am

Hi all, thought I would set the ball rolling as there are no posts in this section!

Seeing the Avetts is not so easy here, so we were well pleased when the announced a gig at Manchester in 2013, only a couple of hours from here by train.

We went early, at least early to the train station, alas the first 2 trains were cancelled! :evil: At least we got a free breakfast as a result, I probably should have gone by car but I fancied a drink.We had a b&b booked at a pub near the gig that evening.

The plan was to spend the day wandering Manchester, watch the rugby (England only needed to beat Wales to win the 6 nations), have a few pints and go to the gig.

England got thrashed by Wales, worse still the pub we were in was full of taffys (Welsh people)! Cracking atmosphere anyway.

Off to the gig, the Ritz in Manchester is typical of many smaller venues here, an old cinema that has been converted for live music, sticky carpet and warm, over priced lager in plastic "glasses". We were on the floor and it was busy but not rammed, we tend to stay at the back as we are passed the first flush of youth.

Warm up was Grace potter and the nocturnals,went down really well.

Then to boys came on.

I can't do a song by song review, it was over 3 years a go! But the over all feel of the gig was fantastic, I know they are all about the interplay between the brothers voices but for me the highlight was Seth on the Ballad of love and Hate, so plaintive and raw.

Much of the set was unknown to us, we had mainly listened to the early albums up until then, I was hoping for the Traveling song and Love like the Movies!

Never the less it was brilliant, great crowd with an average age of about 30+, many of the people we spoke to were aware of the Avetts for the Bob Harris show on BBC radio 2, have a listen if you get the chance. or "another country" on BBC radio Scotland. Afterwards we had a few more pints then bed.
And the next day the train taking us home was from a different station to the one we arrived at (nowt on the ticket about that) so we nearly missed our ride home! Next time I will take the car. :oops:

Set list.

1.Laundry room
2.Live and Die
3.Go to sleep
5.Down with the shine
6. The perfect place
7.The Ballad of Love and Hate
8.Paranoia in B-Flat major
9.I Never Knew You
10. At the beach
11.Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
12. Reno Lament
13. The Fall
14. Backwards with Time
15.Through my Prayers
16.The Cuckoo Song
17. Kick drum heart
18.Pretty Girl from Michigan
19. Talk of Indolence
20.I and Love and You

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Re: Manchester ENGLAND 16/3/13

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