Coney Island 8/13/16

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Coney Island 8/13/16

Postby Pollydog100 » Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:26 pm

This was my 26th Avett show. Had 3rd row center seats. I realize that sitting so far up front I sometimes sacrifice the best location for sound but there is something about the energy I get off the band when I sit close. I have been at some venues where the sound quality suffers... maybe because of being up front. This Coney Island venue is brand new. The sound was terrible! Sounded like the vocals were coming out of a tin can...some echo. The vocal parts for the most part was too low. It sounded like the vocals were behind me. I walked around a bit and the sound did not sound much better further back. It seemed like the boys put on a good show but the sound just ruined it for me. Just my opinion.

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Re: Coney Island 8/13/16

Postby smilinglisa » Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:42 pm

I agree with some sound problems in the beginning of the show. I was sitting in the second tier of seats and they seemed to figure it out and sound wonderful. I know what you mean about being close and the energy. It's so worth waiting many hours in line to get on the rail.
I wish We could just fix the chatter that goes on during slower songs. I have waited a very long time to hear Flower of Manhattan and the two times I get it people are talking loudly though out the venue. I wonder if they can hear the chatter on stage?
It was so very Hot and Humid and the band played like it did not effect them at all. They played with such emotion and energy and a lot of sweat.
They were sweating We were sweating. But, When Joe Kwon played at the end of Salina...I got chills. So Beautiful!!!!

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