Santa Barbara Bowl

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Santa Barbara Bowl

Postby Earwig » Mon Mar 26, 2018 4:58 pm

This was an amazing show except for one thing, the lighting. The band played awesome the sound was great but I could barley see the band. There was light in the center of the stage but the sides were dark. I could see Scott and Seth only if they stayed at center stage. the other members of the band were in the dark. There were bright lights behind the band shining in my eyes, which didn't help. I'm not asking for an ELO type light show, I just dated myself, I'd be happy with a spot light on each band member. I hope the lighting people take this to heart, when people go to a show to see a band, they would like to SEE the BAND. FYI my seats were in Sec D row W seat 70,72. And again the band was AMAZING!

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