mournful version of The Girl I Left Behind Me?

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mournful version of The Girl I Left Behind Me?

Postby stefgroot1 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:05 pm

Hey Avett Bros.,
I'm putting the finishing touches on a novel (part literary, part historical fiction). A centerpiece is the song "The Girl I Left Behind Me." I know it's generally a jaunty, fast-paced song. I was wondering if you've ever performed anything more mournful? I have the painting, and the lyrics. Just seeking a somewhat sadder version of the song from the perspective of the soldier who left his love behind and is wistful about it. I know y'all do wistful and mourning from time to time. If I've missed something on the music sites, I apologize. Big fan from Charlotte (husband and bro-in-law from Concord, NC.) Love your lyrics, music and everything. Stay strong and stay sane! Blessings.
Take good care,

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