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I have attended several shows the past few years and aquired many setlists from the band members who toss them out to the enthusiastic fans at the end of their shows. It dawned on me at one of the Myrtle Beach shows in the spring that if everyone who received a setlist would make a donation to St Jude hospital to say thank you, it would make a difference in another person's life. I used to live in Memphis many years ago and visited the children to donate Christmas presents and worked on several local fund raisers. I know how much the hospital means to the families and also the people of Memphis who take pride in supporting the hospital too. Just a humble request because I know the cause is near and dear to the band and their families. Thanks for the setlists and I have been a monthly donor of $25 since I got my setlist! Thanks Bob from the guy in the rafters at Myrtle Beach!

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