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Avett Brothers and The Guild

Postby iambwf » Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:00 pm

Last August the day after sending my daughter (last child) off to college I was informed my job of 20 years was over. Thankfully I received a severance package, but such an identity change was hard. With skills not suited for the present face of technology, I began to work at being marketable. The hard part was that I didn't want to re-enter the same IT field. I'm working on my M.A. in Philosophy with a goal of teaching at the high school level, developing curriculum for philosophy in prison, and hoping to get a job with a non-profit.

But I have family and friends. Amazing how grief at any level can impact you, especially when it's an identity hit at age 50. It's even more amazing how depression can make one a narcissist in spite of their best efforts. The mind, and emotions, are a funny thing.

With that said, following #AvettNation on social media, immersing myself in Avett music, and the availability of tickets through this Guild message board helped keep me focused on gratitude. There is so much to be thankful for when we have opportunities. Even though it may be hard to work at it if the mind tells us it's worthless if we have the ability and support structure it's not impossible to navigate the world.

If anyone out there is struggling with depression, reach out to someone. Find that community to support you. Leverage the arts!!!! Loving a band who delivers lyrics like:

"I wanna have pride like my mother has
And not like the kind in the bible that turns you bad
I wanna have friends that I can trust
That love me for the man I've become
Not the man that I was"


"I never lived till I lived in your light
And my heart never beat like it does at the sight
Of you baby blue, God blessed your life.
I do not live 'less I live in your life.
I do not live 'less I live in your life.
I do not live"

We can see the hope. Thanks for reading.
You may have to drag me away from my demons
Kicking and screaming

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