2020 New Years Concert

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2020 New Years Concert

Postby Codyrg2006 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:25 am

I am not sure if this will actually reach the Avett Brothers, but I was hoping maybe this would find you and you would consider my request. I have been to your New Year's Show for the last 5 years (Greensboro, Charlotte, etc). This year before your show, my father was diagnosed with with a brain tumor and only given a year or so to live. I still made it to your concert because I needed a little break from reality. The show was amazing, but I just kept thinking about how much my dad would love to see you in concert. This especially happened when you played No Hard Feelings as the encore (I believe it was the encore). It had me in tears thinking of my dad and I was hoping maybe you would consider playing your New Years show (or any show) in Asheville this year. My father has not heard many of your songs, but is a big bluegrass fan. I believe he would really love your music and I would like to take him to one of your concerts. I have been planning a lot for him this year to keep his spirits up. We recently went to Steep Canyon Rangers, a Monster Jam in Greenvile, SC and I have more in store for him (Zipline, etc) and I would love to add your concert to the list. Thanks Guys. God Bless!

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