What do you expect to see in the upcoming Avett Brothers album?

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What do you expect to see in the upcoming Avett Brothers album?

Postby BoxofMattches » Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:12 am

*I posted this on reddit about a month ago but i thought it would be interesting to talk about it here*

The new Avett brothers album should be coming out soon, Seth Avett said they were 90% complete with the album and they are playing huge venues like Madison Square Garden and the Greek Theatre so that means they are definitely releasing a new album to promote. So what do you guys think the album would be like?
I've noticed a lot of the new songs they've played at concerts have a similar theme of acting and fame: "Still I had to go from Fisher Road to Hollywood" (Fisher Road), "Like it happened in a Broadway scene are we still acting, is this the real you and me?" (Mama) "My words feel so plain and rehearsed when I say 'would you forgive me'" (Spell of Ambition), "Angela became a target as soon as her beauty was seen by young men who try to reduce her down to a scene on an x-rated screen" (True Sadness). "The Method Actor" does fit the theme of acting but they have only played it in concert once with just Scott and Seth so I doubt it would be released. "Late in Life" also fits the theme of acting "She was an actress and a dancer A perfect build in careful lines I worked this scene to my advantage Blackmailed her into being mine" I also think "Late in Life" is the perfect time for them to release it even though they haven't played it since 2013, it is also a full band song unlike "The Method Actor" so I still believe it could appear on an album.
There is also a theme of divorce in songs like "Rejects in the Attic", "The Beginning" and "Divorce Separation Blues". "Satan Pulls the Strings" and "I Wish I Was" are definitely going to be on the album since they've been played a lot live. I also think "Die Then Grow" and "Country Blues" may appear on the album too, since out of nowhere "Die Then Grow" appeared on the set list rotation and now Seth sings the song. I know it has appeared as a target exclusive bonus track off of The Carpenter (which I do own) but "The Clearness is Gone" was also a B-Side to "Live and Die" and then a year later it appeared on Magpie so there is a possibility. "Country Blues" has been played a lot this year and they've played it in a way that made it their own. They've never released a cover on a studio album but I could see "Country Was" on an Avett Brothers album or maybe a soundtrack album. I doubt "California "would make an album appearance since it has only been released in a Crackerfarm video, which isn't too disappointing because the song is pretty boring. Like "Die Then Grow" the song "Pretty Girl from (Instrumental)"/"Pretty Girl from Here"/"Pretty Girl from Wherever" it also came out of nowhere again and could possibly be on the new album.
So if you are still reading this what do you expect to see in the upcoming album?
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Re: What do you expect to see in the upcoming Avett Brothers album?

Postby Easyheart » Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:18 am

From what I saw at the Cheer wine concert I expect a more mature introspective kick ass album.

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Re: What do you expect to see in the upcoming Avett Brothers album?

Postby GregB » Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:57 am

Im totally with you on all of that and as a matter fact all that has been brought up and discussed on FB to the letter. It will be interesting to see if Die Then Grow, Country Blues and PGF here make it....as you mentioned they put a lot of work into those in their shows this year. I am disappointed that Fisher Road probably will not make it this time.

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