Red Rocks seating/early entry/Guild

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Red Rocks seating/early entry/Guild

Postby sarbarmar » Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:30 am

Am I the only person confused how the early entry will work for VIP package at Red Rocks? I bought the GA VIP (not sound board) hoping to get as close to stage as possible.
Having never been to Red Rocks, I'm not sure what my game plan should be to get in as soon as possible to try and get close. The most recent email sounds like the VIP early entry will open doors at 6:15 with general doors at 6:30.

Adding to that the Guild members, when will their entry be? Surely they won't also be coming in at 6:15.... If so, I wonder if I should line up as a Guild Member or go to the VIP Rock Room entrance for quickest access to seats. (Plus, will kind of bum me out if I could have gotten just as early access with my Guild membership as I have with my higher priced tickets.)
Can anyone shed some light on these (seemingly small but huge to me) details?


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Re: Red Rocks seating/early entry/Guild

Postby Flozatti » Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:42 pm

Last Year I never saw separate Guild entry. With the GA early entry, its pretty much "every-man/woman for themselves!" We weren't far back in the first line at all and my wife and I got front row 4 seats from center. What this did entail however was my 43 year old body running faster than I have since Marine Bootcamp scaling 4-5 steps at a time. IT IS A MAD RUSH.
It would be awesome if everyone was Lovey Dovey Kumbaya but people are people. The worst part of it are the people who rush down to secure 5 seats for non-early entry folks who show up whenever they want. Wish they would crack down on that but, hey... Running down those steps a full speed in the blazing sun twisting your ankle is well worth getting a "Point- Point Back" from Scott in the middle of the show. We had a "moment" my wife likes to call it. Anyway, good luck!! I hope you get great seats. Even if you don't Haul Butt and still get in with early entry, you won't be more than 10 rows back.

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Re: Red Rocks seating/early entry/Guild

Postby Burnseyjp » Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:24 pm

Any update from this weekend on early entry for Guild members at Red Rocks? I am assuming that since there weren't any specific instructions that the benefit was early access to tickets and the vinyl, but not early access to the show.

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