2018 At the Beach - extra tickets?

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2018 At the Beach - extra tickets?

Postby scheving3 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:21 pm

I know tickets just went on sale, but if there is anyone who has extra tickets (can't go, etc.) I'd love to buy them!

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Re: 2018 At the Beach - extra tickets?

Postby Smorris74 » Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:27 pm

If you have not already , join my Avett At the Beach group and read the pinned post. We started a document for people who did not get rooms who want rooms. This way as the year progresses and people find out they cannot go they already know who is willing to purchase their package.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/5144940 ... bookmarks#

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