Looking To Buy: July 26th 2018 - Atlanta Braves Field Passes

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Looking To Buy: July 26th 2018 - Atlanta Braves Field Passes

Postby ewitkows » Fri May 11, 2018 7:08 pm

Just call me late to the party! I have tickets to the Atlanta Braves game on July 26th but just found out that there's separate passes needed to get on field for the show after the game. I've been looking online but cant find ANYONE selling them.

I'm looking for 3 on field passes and will pay a premium for them! In addition to paying cold hard cash I will also happily perform any\all of the following as you wish:
  • Call you once of a week speaking words of encouragement (imagine the soothing sounds of my voice leaving you a voicemail telling you that you're going to have a great day!)
  • A hand drawn custom portrait (made on a cocktail napkin with a sharpie.. portrait may or may not look like you)
  • Perform interpretive dance at the family gathering and to the song of your choosing! (Remember Elaine from Seinfeld and her signature thumb dance? I take that to a whole 'nother level)
  • Give you good vibes for getting my 7 year old daughter on field for her first ever show! Her personal favorite is Kick Drum Heart ya know.

If you have any passes for sale, or know someone who does please let me know.


Eric W

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