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Guild Facebook Page

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 4:00 pm
by YorkshireTerror
I am having trouble getting accepted to the guild facebook group. I tried to join last week (there was a link on something that said if I had questions, join the facebook group), and am still waiting to be accepted in to the group.

Is there someone I can ask to approve my request to join?

Re: Guild Facebook Page

Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:20 pm
by Travis
If you still haven't been approved to be on there check your messages on Facebook. I try to verify each member. If your name doesn't match up in our database I'll message you to figure it out. If we aren't friends on there the message will go to a random folder so be sure to check there. If you have your profile set to where people who aren't your friend can't message you, I have no way to contact you to verify your membership.

Travis Hylton
The Avett Brothers
The Avett Guild

Re: Guild Facebook Page

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:29 am
by Swhitson
I am still awaiting approval :D

Re: Guild Facebook Page

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:48 pm
by Travis
Swhitson wrote:I am still awaiting approval :D

What’s your name on Facebook?

Re: Guild Facebook Page

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 2:29 am
by lglueckert
Hi Travis, Can I please be added to the Guild facebook page? Lacey Glueckert