Banjo Tabs for "I Would Be Sad"

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Banjo Tabs for "I Would Be Sad"

Postby DRolfe » Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:32 pm

Any chance to get the Banjo Tabs for "I Would Be Sad". I'm a beginner banjo player...don't know any other instruments, and this one sounds like it would be fun to play and keep my interests up (not to difficult compared to much of the bluegrass that everyone associates with banjo)

Hope you can help.

Thank you

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Re: Banjo Tabs for "I Would Be Sad"

Postby Kurt » Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:08 pm

I too would like the tabs for this song if anyone has them. In fact i'd like any/all the tabs i can find :)

With absolutely no musical background i decided to start playing banjo because of The Avett Brothers. I started with 3 finger style but have now changed over and am trying my hand at clawhammer. Really want to learn The New Love Song as played by Scott solo in the crackerfarm clip.

I'll be asking my teacher if they can tab it for me along with Scotts version of Froggie Went a courtin haha love that too. Though i'm not sure they'll do it for me as they seem set on the traditional old time clawhammer/frailing tunes. They are good too but i prefer Avett style.

If i find any TAB i'll post them here.

Happy hunting

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