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Just wanted to thank you for sharing your talents with us! You have brought such great joy to my family. My grandsons,(Elijah 3, Griffin 8) know the lyrics to most of your songs and got to see you live in Columbus Ohio this past summer. Elijah even got your Magpie Cd for his bday and Griffin has taken up guitar lessons. I have danced them to your tunes for joy and laughter and to rock them to sleep for the night. We all love you! My wife swears it's a cult. lol
Your cover of "Give me Peace..." really hit home for me. My best man just passed away and my 2 year old granddaughter, Miss Kolbie, needs open heart surgery. Sometimes we really do have a "Heavy load to carry". Sorry for my ramblings just felt compelled to let you know how much you all have touched our lives. See you all tomorrow night in Charleston WV!
Michael "Gramps" Harper

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