Red Rocks tailgating

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Red Rocks tailgating

Postby DaniB » Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:22 pm

First time at Red Rocks. Just wondering how early you'd want to get to the venue to tailgate and get to the show in plenty of time? Also, are they pretty strict in the tailgate area, is there a specific place to park that's better to tailgate? Any tips would be appreciated.

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Re: Red Rocks tailgating

Postby callmecooper13 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:55 pm

We tailgated at RR the last time they performed there. We parked in one of the lower lots then walked up to the venue shortly after the doors opened. If you purchased GA tix and want a good seat (i.e. in the 'lower' GA section) I would recommend getting there at least 60min before doors. Otherwise they are not super strict about tailgating, but you can find addt'l information here: ... oers-guide

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Re: Red Rocks tailgating

Postby lisaflip » Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:04 pm

Hi Dani,

You will love Red Rocks! It's beautiful and has great sound and energy. Here are some random suggestions from a Denver gal who frequents the venue.

- I'm unsure what type of tickets you have (general vs. reserved) so that will factor into your entry time. If GA, I would try to line up early and get in when the doors open. Bring a blanket to save your GA seats in case you get up for a bit and walk around.
-Once it gets dark, it can be hard to return to your seat. However, every row and seat are numbered so just make note of where you are sitting and then it's easy. You often see people wandering up the rows looking for friends once the show starts so just make a mental note of your seats if you have GA tickets and you'll be fine.
- Parking will depend on when you arrive and you are generally directed by staff. If you want to tailgate, I think that's most fun in a parking lot (any lot) so you can people watch. Sometimes you'll have to park on the roads leading up to the venue and that's okay too. I'm unsure of what you mean by "strict in the tailgate area." You can drink and party pretty easily. Don't bring glass to Red Rocks. While it's allowed, it's suggested not to. And you will be searched when you enter the venue.
- Bring an empty water bottle. You can fill it up once in the venue at the bottom north stairs (faucet there) or in the visitors center at the top. If you buy a water bottle in the venue, the staff keeps the top so it's easier to spill and you have to buy more. And don't even get me started on single use plastic. :-) It's expected to be very hot this weekend so if you're coming from out of town, drinking lots of water at altitude and in our dry climate is very important.
- Wear comfortable shoes as you will have to walk up to the venue or up the stairs.
- Once inside, you can buy booze, some food, merch, etc. at the top if you don't want to bring those items.

I hope this helps. Enjoy the show and Red Rocks!


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Re: Red Rocks tailgating

Postby balemos » Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:43 pm

2-3 Hours before doors is a safe bet. There are multiple entrances and recommend one of the lower entrances. The lower are uphill lines that put you right at the front rows. The top entrance puts you in the back. However Ive heard Guild entrance is at the top entrance. We'll have to ask around when we get there.

Also, tailgating is cool everywhere. No glass. I would recommend not parking on the road if tailgating and avoid the early lot before the venue. They are not strict, its a very mellow venue.

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Re: Red Rocks tailgating

Postby bdevine80 » Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:57 am

Sorry if this too late but no, there are no restrictions to tailgating except no glass or open flame, meaning no charcoal. You can have a propaine grill. Also, park in the upper or lower North lot to be closest to the Guild members entry. And I’d plan to get in line, even for the Guild at or before 5:00. Early entry ends for members ends at 6:30 when the general entry starts. But we got there yesterday at 5:30 and there was already about 500 people in line for the Guild. Have a great show!

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