New Songs???

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New Songs???

Postby BoxofMattches » Sat Apr 09, 2016 5:44 am

Like most Avett Bros fans, I like to listen to songs before it is released on the album. But in this article, they talk about the new songs like "Ain't No Man" and "True Sadness" and others, and then they talk about some songs that I have never even heard before like "You Are Mine" and "There is a Sea". Does anyone know where I could find these songs if they actually exist? I can't wait till the end of June!!! ... /160409484
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Re: New Songs???

Postby SundayRehab » Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:20 am

They are not crazy about songs leaking out before they release them but you can find some live versions that people have posted on Youtube.
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