Who sings these songs?

Who sings these songs?

There are a few songs that have different singing voices. Dancing Daze, for example, is sung by who? The same voice is heard on Go to Sleep. And what about Letter to a Pretty Girl? That voice is also on The Day that Marvin Gaye Died? Does Bob Crawford sing on any Avett Bros. songs? Any info about these variations would be cool.

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well Dancing Daze is a Paleface original and he also sings on Go To Sleep

The Day that Marvin Gaye Died and Letter to a Pretty Girl is Bob Crawford

Dave Rhames ( a friend of the Avetts and their father, I believe) sings on Love Like the Movies

I know I'm missing a few that others help on - but thats it for now
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good question!! I was wondering if Bob ever does any of "his" songs live? I looked on youtube but didn't find anything.

Bob sings on 40 East too..

But what about the Signs hidden track at the end of Mignonette??

That's Jim Avett isn't it?

Who is Paleface?

Bob has a very nice verse on Left on Laura, Left on Lisa

Paleface is awsome check out his my space page.

Signs is Jim Avett and Scott Manwaring.

Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong about scotts last name.

Bobby-Son's opus is Distraction #74.

Scott did a killer Paleface impersonation during Go to Sleep at the Peace Center last year.
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yeah Signs was originally written by Jim Avett, but has been made popular by The Avett Brothers

Paleface is one of The Avett's good friends... he and Mo ( his drummer) originally lived in NYC but now reside in downtown Concord, NC and were recently signed to Ramseur Records....

check out their music - its not for everybody, but pretty good

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I always see Paleface everywhere during Bristol Rhythm & Roots.

You were close. His name is Scott Manring. I can't remember how they spelled his name on the Mignonette case but I remember it was misspelled. Jim told me once that he thought Scott was the finest player in NC when he recorded that with him in the 70s. I mentioned that to Scott once and he said "ehh what does he know". Scott Manring is a legend in the music community in the Triad. He is a very talented, very humble guy. He was also my son’s dobro teacher. Here are a couple of photos of Scott and Jim playing together for the first time in over 30 years

Anyone know when that Signs version with Jim singing was recorded? I always thought it was him but I wasn't sure. Was it recorded for the album or did they just pull that recording out.. I've seen a video of him singing it with them but his voice sounded nothing like the recording.

The liner notes say 1974.

Yep, they pulled it off an old 8 track tape. I have had the pleasure of hearing some of the other songs from that session and they are quite good. The Brothers performed another of Jim’s songs “Autum Leaves” at Pickathon on 8/5/07. It flowed into If It’s The Beaches. It's a great version.

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You sure have all the good info (and photos) Sunday!

Thanks Sunday! You should start a wikiavett!

Thanks Sunday, I always wondered about the same question that Hokie had.

Is it just me or does anyone else think that those songs(Letter to a Pretty Girl and The Day that Marvin Gaye Died) are pretty bad?

I know some people agree with that statement but I whole heartedly disagree.

I LOVE BOB SONGS. The harmonies in 40 East are amazing. The Day Marvin died is one I would give anything to hear live. How often has that happened?

Sunset over Chesapeake Bay??? I live(d) on the Chesapeake Bay all my life, so I think that lyric is pretty darn cool!! They weren't initially my favorites, but I love them both dearly now. And 40 East is my absolute favorite Bob Crawford tune!

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Staten... I wouldn't say they are bad... they just aren't for me.... 40 East is the only song that bobby mainly sings that I really dig... the others aren't big favorites of mine.... i think its been interesting how bob sings less and less on the albums....

i like it when he sings during the live shows - because its different and exciting when he does ( ie - Left on Laura, left on Lisa) - but I'd rather hear scott and seth do their thing....
Well Locust, Mount Pleasant, Concord.... LETS GOOO!

It's kinda like when we would chant for Phil Lesh to sing during the Dead shows. He'd warble through Box of Rain and the crowd would eat it up. Not that he was a great singer, but that he was doing it for us.


"It's kinda like when we would chant for Phil Lesh to sing"
The very few times I have heard them perform 40 East or The Day M.Gay Died were show highlights and I remember them all.
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Staten81..."Is it just me or does anyone else think that those songs(Letter to a Pretty Girl and The Day that Marvin Gaye Died) are pretty bad?"

I have to totally disagree with you. I love both songs. Very much love them!

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sooo..today at work i was listening to a few of my avett brothers cds that i could manage to scramble up as i was running late (mignonette, 4 thieves, live @ the double door, and a random mix i made before i owned any cds). i was wondering the EXACT same question about the bonus track and thought "when i get home i'm going to go on the boards and post this question" i have the cds cases somewhere (umm...every time i move they get shuffled to some random place). so it's mr jim avett singing signs? so cool...and random that i hadn't checked the boards in a few days and this was waiting for me.

I would love to see 40 East live. Its the only Bob song I listen to regularly and I think its so gorgeous-imperfections and all.

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I saw 40 East at my very first Avett Brothers show in Greensboro '07. I had no familiarity with the song, but could realize right away I was witnessing something special. A lot of the frat boy crowd left to go use the bathroom or whatever, and I remember feeling really bad for Bob.

After some pestering in the Bay Area, we got 40 East in PDX in May. It was wicked awesome!!! Seth said something like "Well we haven't done this song in quite a while. We're gonna have this fine gentleman over here on bass sing you a song." Smiling

Sunday, thanks for that nugget about Autumn Leaves. I never knew that was a Jim song. Jim told me that although Signs was the boys favorite song that he wrote, it was not the best song he ever wrote. He then talked about the new album he's working on, and said he's really enjoying that project. I guess if you like Signs, and Autumn Leaves, look for Jim's new record when it comes out.

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