Where to find Avett Brothers poster from recent concert?

Where to find Avett Brothers poster from recent concert?

I was at the concert at crossroads kc and I didn't ever get to buying their poster they made strictly for kc and i was wondering if there is anywhere i can purchase it?

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That is who is stamped on the poster, but I did not see it on the website yet. Maybe soon!

Edit: I just tweeted to the guy to see if they were going to be available online. I'll post if I get a response!

He'll have it up. If there were any left, they might show up in the store here. Usually the artist has a stock of I think it's 20 that they keep. You might recognize Andrew is the guy who printed Mike's posters in the Crackerfarm video for the TX, OH, LA posters.

I was halfway home Thursday night when I remembered I didn't even look at the poster. I went to the merch tent to see if they had new t-shirts, but didn't even pay attention to the poster. What kind of fan am I? Eye-wink What did it look like?

Here is the picture the artist tweeted: http://instagram.com/p/NOv_BfCma0/

That's awesome! I was born in KC and most of the time I'm glad we moved to NC, but other times something like this happens out there. And I'm here...

Ahhh! I am so disappointed I did not buy that! Had to save my spot up front. Sad I have to have one!

Ah man! I totally would have run up for you! I'm sorry! I would have offered if I had known Smiling

I forgot to bring a tube with me, so the security guard was nice and let me put it behind the barricade. I forgot it after the show and had to run back!

Wish I would have thought to ask! The Avetts and the Royals and Kauffman Stadium all on one poster? Grr. Oh well, it'll be awesome if they didn't sell out, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

That one is very cool! How do they choose who creates the posters? They aren't always local are they? As you can see, I know nothing about this area. I got the Wichita poster & was hoping that the Lincoln one would be a coordinating item, but no such luck. I already had a plan on where I would hang the two of them. I love the doorknob set from Houston & Dallas, and really love the cowboy ones from CO. Then there's all the individual ones....the red truck from Savannah, the one of Scott standing on the kick drum....and more, more, more. They have great posters!

There are various artists they use. The one for KC, the artist lives in Nashville. When the shows are back to back and the same artist does them, sometimes they coordinate. Andrew did Dallas both nights and Austin last year. Dallas they were coordinating. Sometimes they reflect the area, sometimes you think what in the world? Sunflower, the artist usually keeps 20 to sell on their own site Smiling

Thank you so much! just ordered mine!

WOW! I ordered mine on Monday and it arrived today. I don't think I've ever gotten anything mail-ordered so quickly. St. Louis ticket came today also so happy day, indeed.