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i have the emotionalism cover on my arm. I think its a crow

I want the emotionalism cover so bad. i might just go get it

I have the ship from the back of Mignonette and a banner that says "We came for salvation". THe artist is another avett fan here in Atlanta and we listened to TAB as he tattooed me. Very special day in my life.

I have "Mignonette" tattooed on the inside of my right forearm. Its in the same font as the cover of the album, without the little scrolly deals on the top and bottom.

Although I have considered getting those done.

I've got a temporary tattoo of the Emotionalism cover that was passed out at a show. I haven't used it yet though....Waiting for the right time.

Now that's a great story!!!

id love to see pictures of these to see how they came out? anybody have links?

My sentiments exactly.

I've thought about getting the rabbit from Four Thieves put on my forearm....something subtle like that...

Did you guys see this one? She was at the Louisville show this summer.


EDITED: to say I love the keys attached to the rabbit's foot.

Awesome! Thanks for all the replies everyone. The tattoos sound pretty sweet and the ones posted look great!

wow those are both great. i LOVE the salvation tat. awesome. great idea.

Great tattoos! I got a handful (no Avett Bros tats tho) and I love mine ... but that Salvation one is a jem.

gosh i just cant get over that mignonette tat. what makes it great for me is the shading. makes me REALLY want to get one of my own!

I thought no one ever thought of this except for me! Im glad im not the only one! Now if I can only get up the courage!

This is my Avett Brothers tattoo... I'm getting a second one in a few weeks.

glad to see you back mao.

HL? Dude it's Garrett, you we got pulled over one night for no reason?!?!

hey freighttrain,

is that one of the twins of pain guys doing that tattoo?



Nope he used to work at 13 Roses here in East Atlanta. His name is Watson Atkinson. I believe he lives in Portland, ME now and tattoos in Boston from time to time.

Check out my avatar for the free temporary from the Raleigh NCMA show. My wife won't let me get a real one. Says I'm too old for that stuff.

Saw an awesome one of St. Michael on a guys forearm at Raleigh show also.


well i know two ppl who have avett related tattoos

3000percentdanger who wrote above! (hey adam!!)

and my fiance tim, who has a West Virginia sleeve with a cardinal that is fashioned after the crow on the emotionalism cover.. very nice!

this is thanks to Shack in Tampa:]

Sticking out tongue

Here's mine. The color still needs to be touched up, but aside from that it's good to go. It's great because although seemingly few people here in the north know about the Avett Bros. they still love this for what a great peice of art it is.

I have been a 15 year Primus/ Les Claypool fan. He has been my favorite for years and years. I have not had a band change my life like he has since.. until The Avett Bros. I want the emotionalism cover so bad, can't decide on a place though, I am a dental professional so all tattoos need to be concealed.

I'd always seen that first one on your avatar and wondered if it was real. That's....ummm....dedication...

thats really

I finally got it today. Rocksteady Tattoo in Hampton, VA done by Mike Higgins; the nicest dude ever. He let me listen to The Avetts the whole time and finished the color just as Please Pardon Yourself was playing. Very special day.

Love the Emotionalism Tattoos. What exactly does it stand for/symbolize or what is its significance? (The crow, heart, flowers, etc) Anything? Very curious... thanks.:unsure:

My wife always told me the same thing. Then two weeks ago we went together and got inked up :biggrin:

Here's mine

Watson is the reason that I love TAB, as well. Inadvertently, but my brother in law, Russ Abbott, used to work at 13 Roses, and Watson introduced him to TAB, and then he, in turn introduced them to me (Russ and I also sang along while I was getting my first tattoo). My first live show was actually the 13 Roses Grand Opening party.


Here's mine:

It's kind of old but still gets me lots of love from the ladies.



Well, I've finally decided to go get a new tatt and you guys have inspired me. I like the bird themes. Here's the design I put together last night based on art that should be familiar to you all.

I'll post pictures later when I get back. My guy said he can squeeze me in right now, so I am off.


love it - can't wait to see it.

Marked for life.

in perspective....

up close....

just ask me how much I love it.....


<b>Hey Mao...How much do you love it?!?</b>

I like your hat, comma, and your tat. :wub:


Mao, that's the coolest one so far I think. Congratulations on the original idea.

Thanks, Blastman. I appreciate your kind words, but I don't know if the term "best" is even relevant in the case. Tattoos are very personal (or should be) and I'm pretty sure we all feel the same about the ones we have.

But it is pretty baddazz, huh?




Well, I guess my opinion's a little more objective because I don't have any interest in having one, and rarely do I see someone sporting one that I like. Yours suits you judging by the picture and your post. I don't know, I guess I'm just rarely impressed by them, and there have been a few cool ones in this thread, but that one takes the cake.

Wow, Mao! I agree that it looks like it suits you perfectly.

I have half of a half sleeve that I've had for about 2 years now, and I'm finally having it finished on 8/15 (ask me how excited I am about that). My tatoo artist and I are a little stuck on what we are doing. This weekend, you and I are going to have to discuss some good ideas. The current tatoo is a very colorful chrysanthemum floating in water on the inside of my arm, and we are going to finish the outside up just past my elbow.

I want to do something Avett inspired, but nothing too blatant (not sure that's the right word). I just don't do words or logos or anything in my tatoos.

Anyway, can't wait to see the work in person, and hoping you can help inspire me.

-- Mel

Mao - that's really cool, a work of art

Anthony - any chance you could link to somewhere else? I'm not a facebook-er but I would love to see your tat

Whoa! That's impressive

Impressive to say the least. I'm still trying to think of a tattoo... I want an Avett Brothers meets Bouncing Souls tattoo.


That is SICK! Gotta admit, that's a work of art.

I almost used those two birds in a design as well.

That's a brilliant recreation of Scott's art.

I bet you don't wear a shirt all summer.