Susan Avetts

Susan Avetts

Scott Avett is married to Susan and Seth Avett is married to Susan. Is this right or wrong????

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so many S names in that family


Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

Is it true that Jack's mothers name is Jillian and Jill's father's name is, crazy!

Does Scott Avett pump his own gas?

Do time machines run on gas?

That's a silly question Zimmy. If they ran on gas how could they refuel when they traveled back to the stone age? Please think before you post.

Does Scott Avett pump his own gas?

Only if it's purple....

I think time machines run on least that what Marty McFly led me to believe

what about the song SSS....coincedence......i think not

/\ /\ beat me to it /\ /\

SSS=three different perspectives on love

S-Shaun, friend of the guys (1st verse)
S- Scott (2nd verse)
S- Seth (3rd verse)

Mary Ellen, way to thread jack.


Sorry to get so off topic, back to our discussion about the Avett family. I know Seth loves kittens, but what about Scott, Bob, and Joe? I just don't know if I can continue to listen to their music if they don't love kittens as much as I do.

ME, you also know Scott loves kittens. You can't have forgotten that pic Crackerfarm tweeted a while back.

I like spaghetti.

Lest anyone forget.

How could I forget about that picture?! Okay, can anyone confirm Bob and Joe's stance on kittens?

Gosh I love a good kitten/kitten conversation.

Reiggin...we'll never forget. In homage to both spaghetti and kittens...I present this video:

hahahaha! angi, you find some f'ed up stuff. just today i made that pic of scott w/ kittens my desktop background and me loves it.
i also love ring-tailed lemurs! do you think all of the guys love ring-tailed lemurs?

The only thing that would make that video better would be to accompany it with a kick-a$$ song about "Spaghetti Cat" -

Haha. Man I don't know what I'm going to do if the brothers don't like Spaghetti Cat....

Don't forget keyboard cat!

I have all his albums. On vinyl.