Scott gonna be a dad!

Scott gonna be a dad!

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first off I would just like to congratulate Scott and Sarah. That is really amazing.

second off, here is the article

Avetts to release ‘Second Gleam’ at Cary Concert
April 29, 2008

After four short days at home, Concord’s Avett Brothers and the band’s small entourage are back on the road. It’s their second venture in a tour bus after seven years of driving to and from shows in various vans, RVs and such.
They left Friday headed for North Wilkesboro and a gig at Merlefest. From there, they will spend 30 days touring much of the Southeast and Midwest.
For their local following, the next best chance to see the band will be July 26 at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary. That will be the official release of the band’s “The Second Gleam,” a follow-up to the six-song “Gleam” EP they released last year.
In between they rolled out their latest full-length CD, “Emotionalism.”
The month-long trip they left on Friday comes on the heels of a 25-day West Coast tour.
The band with Bluegrass roots but their own unique blend of music sold out venues up and down the West Coast. That included two sell-outs of 800-seat Slim’s in San Francisco, back-to-back sell-outs at Neumo’s in Seattle, another sell-out of the 1,400-seat Crystal Ballroom in Portland.
The bus makes the demands of the road more manageable, said Scott Avett, who along with brother Seth Avett, Bob Crawford and most recently cellist Joe Kwon, make up the band.
Brothers Scott and Seth are versatile musicians, but mostly Scott plays banjo and Seth guitar. Crawford plays the stand-up bass.
Kwon has a background in classical music, but plays the cello “kind of like a hopped-up fiddle,” said Jim Avett, also a musician and Scott and Seth’s father.
Traveling in a tour bus leaves band members fresher for concerts, Scott Avett said. With some 200 concert dates a year, that adds up.
“It works,” he said. “You don’t have to drive six hours, then do a show. You kind of just stay idle all day.”
That’s important for the high-energy, foot-stomping performances Avett Brothers fans have become accustomed to and always get.
“It’s a different world,” Scott said of traveling in the tour bus versus the vans or even RVs.
“It all pays back in time and rest. … That enables us to keep putting on shows people will never forget. That keeps getting more challenging.”
While giving a quick tour of the bus Scott calls “the submarine,” he said there’s plenty of room for the six or eight people usually making the trip. There are nine bunks resembling sleeping compartments in a train and two seating areas separated by the sleeping area.
“If you got up to 10 people you’re going to run into issues,” he said.
It’s where the band members live while they’re on the road.
After playing Merlefest Friday, the band was off to their next show in Oxford, Miss.
“We’ll drive through the night and sleep,” Scott said.
The bus also works for the band financially, he said. It would cost $1 million or so to buy one, but the band leases it, he said. With their successes in recent years, including their song, “If It’s the Beaches” being played on the NBC series “Friday Night Lights” in January, it’s something they can now afford.
It’s a luxury compared to their years of packing band members and equipment into mini-vans.
Still, being on the road keeps the band members away from their families.
Scott and wife Sarah are expecting their first child in October.
Seth’s still a newlywed. His wife Susan is a student at UNC Charlotte, working toward a long-range goal of a doctorate in psychology.
But it’s just another part of pursuing their musical careers, both said, while admitting they would have liked to stay home a few more days.
Along with sold-out venues in far reaches of the country, the Avett Brothers are also getting air time on some radio stations around the country, Seth said.
That’s a tough sell for the band. It’s not like the old days when disc jockeys made the decisions about the songs they would play and a visit to a radio station might net some air time and additional exposure, he said.
Their West Coast tour included concerts in Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Santa Cruz, Chico, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.
They finished the tour in their own vehicles, playing Huntsville, the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and Atlanta before coming home for four days.

Congratulations to Scott and Sarah!!! That is great!

Congratulations to the Avetts and the soon-to-be Avett!!

Thanks to Scott for the submarine reference. I am a Navy man with 14 years of submarine service. Scott and Seth's great-uncle, Tom Hogan, was one of the Commanding Officers of the USS Bonefish during WWII (the Bonefish was lost during the war after Commander Hogan's time on board). I learned all this from Scott and from doing some research myself.

Now you know why I chose my screen name!!


Now that is some awesome history right there. I was wondering why you chose the name of a sub that was lost. Good luck to you Chief.

-HM3 retired after busting too many bones.

Mazeltov to Scott and his lovely wife.

Congratulations Scott and Sarah!:biggrin::biggrin: I understand the comment Scott made to me a few months ago after a show when I mentioned my enlistment. :biggrin: I figured he must have some military background in his family, but we didn't get into that.
Thanks for the insight, Bonefish.

I actually just picked up The Custom Of The Sea to read along the way to Great Lakes on Tuesday.

Go Navy!

:wub: Congrats Scott and Sarah!
What a lucky kid!

Congrats Scott and Sarah!

jantzen- good to see another Concordian on here,

Words that are becoming reality...

"And I dream of children
We can call our own
Watch em run around in the front yard
From the front porch of our home"

Wow! Excellent news! Thanks for the 411! Congratulations to the entire family!

Congratulations Scott and Sarah!

Welcome to existence, Baby Avett. Scream your lungs out...but with something to say.

Congrats to Scott and Sarah. You are about to enjoy the most wonderful experience of your life!

But, um, ya'll do realize we will be probably be seeing a LOT less of Scott than we are used to right? I've never known the boys to do anything half heartedly and I would think fatherhood would be no exception. As a mother of a 4 year old and 1 year old I can tell you they change everything. So....get ready for change my fellow fans! My kids start whining if their dad is gone for half a day.....days, weeks, months at a time? Heck no! The times they WILL be a'changing! Hopefully this is a chill baby who would enjoy life on the road. I've heard of musicians doing that - bringing wife and kids on the road with them. My oldest would have been great at youngest miserable. So, yeah, let's hope this little Avett inherits the rambling blood!!!

Either way, I'm really happy for you Scott,there is nothing more rewarding in this world than being a parent! Congrats and good luck! awesome would it be to grow up with scott and sarah as your parents and timothy seth as your uncle?

It will make his music richer. He will be inspired by the new baby! CONGRATS SCOTT AND SARAH. MUCH LOVE TO YOU.

Hi Sarah love!

Good for them! Congrats!

Hi Angie! How fun to see you here! :wub:

I am so unbelievably happy for Scott and Sarah. I imagine that they are going to be just fantastic parents -- what a lucky kid.

I am however, a little (okay, a lot) sad for all of us. Babymaker is right, the times they are a changin'. While I know that Scott would never abandon us completely, even for his child, I'm pretty sure we will be seeing a lot less of him after the blessed event. I'm pretty positive that Scott is the kind of guy is going to throw himself full gorilla into being a dad.

I am hopeful that the release of the new album will keep them touring steadily for a little while. And I am seriously praying that this little bundle of joy doesn't keep them from MagFest. Sarah is due in October -- scary. Don't know that my heart can take another Avett's no show. Shocked)

I do have faith in the band's committment to their fans, so I'm sure they won't disappear all together, but I guess if they did, I would totally understand. Being a parent is the absolute greatest joy in all the world, and the only way to do it is to give it everything you have. That little baby is going to benefit from whatever we lose out on, and that's what's important.

Good luck to the new family!!

Congrats Scott and Sarah!

If ya'll want to make it three S's, Sam is a very strong name.Eye-wink:blush::biggrin:

Ba da ba ba.

How great is that? I'm due in October too! On the other side of the country, but still, it's exciting! I hope Sarah's doing well so far Smiling

Congrats on the Bavett (baby Avett).

Congratulations!!! (Bavett... haha, that's a good one! :happy: )

the first time i heard 'salina' i wondered if some of the last few lines were about having children...

congratulations to scott and the mrs. i'm pregnant right now (but only for a few more weeks) and it has been an amazing/scary/awesome journey. the best of luck to both of them!

awesome! awesome! awesome!

Aww, how exciting! Congratulations :]

That's awesome. Congratulations. It'll probably come out with more facial hair than I will ever have if it's a boy.

So, um, what's the word on the newest addition to the Avett family?
(I haven't been on much lately, did I miss it?!?)Eye-wink

Still no word. Ahem, Steph, are you listening? Smiling