HOB - Myrtle Beach ROLL CALL

HOB - Myrtle Beach ROLL CALL

I know ther are a few threads regarding different aspects of the upcoming shows at the HOB - MB... but I just wanted to see out of all of the tickets sold - how many were board members here...

so lets see it - who all is making the trek over to the Redneck Riviera??

I'll be there, both nights, with a huge group of folks from Concord / Charlotte / and a few SC peeps.... staying down by the coast probably in Cherry Grove part of the the beach....

just saw them last month in NYC and i'm extremely pumped, as they have definitely made some great changes to old songs and hoping to see some more of the new stuff as well....

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I'm in Friday .... and have an extra ticket since that whole eHarmony thing didn't pay off for me Laughing out loud

Also Saturday...with an extra, but also my roomie and his girlfriend.

Or maybe it's the other way around, but regardless...I'll be there both nights.


Lookin forward to both nights...

i'm there both nights

Saturday count my wife and I in!


I'm there Sat.

Hooray for Ocean Annie's.

I'll be there with friends and family tagging along for both nights.

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I want to be there in the worst way. Anybody got two spare tix (sat) for an old timey Avett fan? I'll make it worth your while.



You can have my extra. I'd much rather give it to a real fan than try and sell it out beside the Aligator Park. Laughing out loud

If you can find another one, you're in there. Email me your info.



I sent you a message thru the board. Im nursing a bruise on the bottom of my jaw from it hitting the floor.

if it doesnt come thru.

Much obliged Hombre....

i'm there. 1st row up top. i'm only 10 so i'll finally be able to see. this is my 13th show

13 shows, lateinlife??? That is great! I hope your view is obscured!
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I'll be there Sat night with my boyfriend and two first timers. I've already given them a strict code of conduct for the show and informed them i will pretend i don't know them if they break it Smiling

I'll be there Saturday with my whole family, including my brand new sister in-law!

You're asking for a LOT of spam by posting your email in a public forum. Spiders are everywhere.

I gotcha so go ahead and edit it out, Obie.


I’ll be up there with you LateInLife, section 6 row A. I hope I see you there. You must have a heck of a sense of humor to be 10 and have picked LateInLife as your handle.

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done. got your message, Im on hold right now. You made my day.

I'm there both nights, hopefully

I'll be there both nights with a van full of ridiculous nerds. Can't wait!

ill be there both night as of now i have an extra ticket for each night that i will probably just give away there. but hopefully one of the people i asked way short notice will come through for me

also, what time do yall plan on getting to the hob to wait in line?

i'm there both nights w the mrs
staying at barefoot landing, which means i can walk there and stumble home

Both nights for me!

both nights. so hype.

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My dear lord will I be there Drew. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a show with the Deal brothers. Having seen some nice low key beautiful shows this year in Chicago and Charlotte with my girlfriend, I am very excited for the energy that only the Strip can bring. I get a sneaking suspicion that some newer fans may get a taste of what TAB shows used to be like, if you get my drift. I'm rolling down with Redding and Scotty, and we hope to get there in time to get some henna tats, airbrushed t's (as other quite intrepid message boarders brought up- genius!), and to pierce something. Basically hope to enjoy all that Myrtle has to offer!. In all seriousness, look forward to seeing everyone there.

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Sean well you better get your boots tied tight... as you probably know, myself and Lee are staying right up the street from Scotty's place... so that'll only lead to good times....

definitely looking foward to doing it to it.... Also, don't know when you're heading down, but emily and I are leaving Charlotte first thing in the morning to catch some sun down near 4 / 5th streets....

Well Locust, Mount Pleasant, Concord.... LETS GOOO!

See y'all Saturday...

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I'll be there Saturday along with my sister and her bf...they are first timers!

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Can't wait Sean and Drew. Will be a rowdy time for sure!

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Hondo, with the entire family, including new daughter in law will be there on Saturday. Furthest South we have seen TAB. Deep in the heart of Dixie--well, kinda.

Friday with my brothers and some friends
Saturday we are getting the dads out
Pmurray5 if your reading this, see you down there!

Both nights for me, the parents, and a friend! Can't wait.

Both nights for me and wifey, actually in Murrells Inlet now hanging with family and sure wish it were Friday Smiling! If anyone has an extra ticket for Saturday let me know...my sis-in-law wants to go and was disappointed to find out Sat was sold out. I told her she could probably find one there at the show and she may go up with us regardless.

Lee and Drew! yall better rage with us on the beach all day in cherry grove. Y'all can even leave a car there and we'll get a limo to the Saturday show if you want. A buddy also needs an extra couple tickets for the Saturday show, if anyone can help out, it will be much appreciated.

oops double post

be there both nights with my girlfriend and 3 other peeps, maybe another for saturday if he got his ticket in time. Gonna be sha-weeeeeeet! My girlfriend is a huge fan but has only seen them at the short free show they did here in greenville for the release of emotionalism.... can't wait for her to have her mind blown Smiling

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I'll be there with a bunch of friends! My mom is going, too...she'll be partying it up with the best of them, I'm sure! Smiling

after this video shoot - i'm even more pumped for these shows... i'm really hoping its not going to be too umcomfortable in there.....

either way - 1 day away folks - get hype

Well Locust, Mount Pleasant, Concord.... LETS GOOO!

see everyone tomorrow. Smiling

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I cant wait to see them in KC my first

I'll be there tonight... I'm on family vacation, and got SO excited when I found out they're playing only a half hour away from our beach house. And I'm bringing my dad for his first Avett show... hopefully it will be the first of many.

I will be there and bringing 10 others, soon to be converts.. I told my boss that it is for staff development and they paid for it...
WOOO! Myrtle Beach 2009!

Got a babysitter, a dog sitter, three tickets scored thru my good friends on this board, and a fat smile on my face. First show for my wife and I since Cary, and this will be the first TAB show for my cousin Jason. I introduced him to TAB while we down in Florida visiting his father in hospice. Im going to be wearing his fathers boots that I was given after he died, so his Dad, my Uncle, will be there in spirit.

I'm going to be at the SOLD OUT saturday show with my girlfriend, and aside from the video shoot a few days ago this will be my first real live Avett experience, and I am so excited. Making a nice beach trip out of it as well. See you all there!

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leaving to head that way right now, see all of y'all there

DiamondJoe - thats awesome, however, you're boss must not realize the only thing they will be developing is an obsession which will make them less productive at work, b/c they will be on here all day....

great to hear obnoxio - hope you and yours have a wonderful time...

i'm heading otu of charlotte in 1.5 hrs.... oh so ready for some fun on the beach and some house of blues

Well Locust, Mount Pleasant, Concord.... LETS GOOO!

Will be at Friday Show downstairs PIT and Saturday Show Upstairs Pew, Have 2 Extra General Admission for Saturday. Jello shots anyone?
Capefearfan - Vintage Avett Fans
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Ooops Sorry Delete me....
Capefearfan - Vintage Avett Fans
Wilmington Based, Have Tickets, Will Travel

Count me in for both nights. Friday night with the wife and tomorrow with dad. It's going to be great!

I am here, unbelievably and with an extra tic for tonight (sat) so if anyone on here needs it, post quickly!!!!! It's 6:07 pm, sorry for the lateness...no nets until now!